Creating worlds of my own... because this one is still growing to perfection.

ASMSG, or Authors’ Social Media Support Group, was founded by R. Grey Hoover to provide like-minded authors a network of diverse Social Media platforms from which to gain greater reach than each could accomplish alone.


A group for YA authors and writers. A place for guidance and helping others. This is a place for experienced YA authors to grow their platform and mentoring novice authors.

The Fantasy & Science-Fiction Network  (FSF Net) is dedicated to helping fans find the very best fantasy & sci-fi books for children and adults (both young and old) which do not exceed a PG-13 rating. FSF Net seeks to be a primary source for the latest G/PG/PG-13  fantasy/science-fiction (sci-fi) news.

Azure Fire Publishing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit literary publisher. Inspiring literacy through fantasy and science-fiction writing, challenges, and mentoring new authors.​